Beauty companies have been known to be ruthless when it comes to their models – often faking conditions like extreme weather in order to make their subjects look worse, or even forcing them into dangerous poses. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the most cruel things beauty companies do to their models, and how you can avoid falling victim to their tricks.

Use less natural ingredients

One of the cruel things beauty companies do to their models is use less natural ingredients.

For example, many beauty companies use synthetic ingredients that are not as safe as natural ingredients. These ingredients can contain harmful chemicals and pollutants.

In addition, many beauty companies use harsh chemicals to bleach and dye models’ hair. These chemicals can damage hair and scalp, and they can also cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Finally, many beauty companies use extreme temperatures to freeze models’ faces or bodies. This process can cause pain, inflammation, and scars.

Use harsh chemicals and fillers

One of the cruel things beauty companies do to their models is use harsh chemicals and fillers. These chemicals can damage the skin and cause inflammation. They can also make the skin brittle and cause it to fall off. In some cases, these chemicals can even cause cancer.

Beauty companies also use other cruel methods to make their models look prettier. For example, they may make the models stand in hot water or expose them to sun exposure for long periods of time. This can damage the skin and cause wrinkles and age spots.

Forced weight loss

One of the most common methods that beauty companies use to manipulate models is forced weight loss. Dieting and exercising are often required in order to maintain a healthy body image for beauty companies. This can lead to unhealthy habits, such as eating junk food, which can then lead to weight gain.

Another common method that beauty companies use to manipulate models is makeup. Many models are required to wear heavy makeup all the time, which can make them feel uncomfortable and tired. This makeup can also cause skin problems, such as acne, which can then be used as a reason to replace the model with another model.

In conclusion, beauty companies often use cruel methods to manipulate their models. These methods include forced weight loss, makeup use, and dieting. These methods often lead to unhealthy habits and negative consequences for the models involved.

Lack of bathroom breaks

1. Many beauty companies do not allow their models to have any bathroom breaks, which can lead to very long hours of work.

2. Models are often required to stay in makeup and hair for hours at a time, which can lead to extreme dehydration and exhaustion.

3. Beauty companies often require models to work long hours without any food or water, which can result in serious health problems.

Keeping models in a constant state of dehydration

One of the cruel things beauty companies do to their models is keep them in a constant state of dehydration.

The dehydration process begins by removing all of the water from a model’s body. This is done by using special machines that vaporize the water from the model’s skin. Once the water is vaporized, it is sucked out of the model’s body through tiny tubes called “sucking tubes.”

This process is very harsh on the skin and can cause serious damage. The dehydration process also causes the skin to become thin and brittle. It can also cause infection and make scars more likely to form.

Some models have even reported experiencing physical pain during the dehydration process. This pain is caused by the removal of fluid from deep within the muscles and bones.

Beauty companies use this cruel process because it makes the models look more pale and skinny. It also makes them look younger and more attractive to customers.

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