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“Don’t be a writer, Be writing.”

-William Faulkner.


About us:

This is to let you know what we do and what’s our main goal. So please get a clear understanding of our website needs.


Creating a wide range of awareness about the healthy Lifestyle and social well-being of an individual is our main goal.

To make a change:

Changing someone’s Lifestyle is not that easy. We are constantly providing in-depth information and proven schedules which are easy to be followed by our readers.

Our website includes,

  • Health and Wellness
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Fitness and Yoga
  • News and Trends
  • Lifestyle
  • Hot Topics
    • CBD
    • Dental

So this is what we will be expecting from you too.

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We have all the categories to reach a well-maintained, beautiful life. This you can choose which would be the perfect one for you.

Health and Wellness “writes for us.”

Wellness relies on living a healthy life. We accept guest posts on the following articles.

  • Sleep – is essential for having a good sleep.
  • Food
  • Positive image
  • Why do we need a well-behaved life?
  • Insurance for health-related issues.
  • Tips and ideas to live long.

Beauty and  Fashion “writes for us.”

Maintaining the beauty and fashion senses of our readers is a must.

Titles might be based on these,

  • Makeup – Bridal, casual, party wear.
  • All types of hair do’s and hair care, maintaining all hair types, hair care products description.
  • Fashion brands- growth in the fashion industry, individual styling.
  • Clothing ideas for all occasions
  • Styling for marketing and advertising areas.

Diet and  Nutrition ” write for us.”

Discussing the diet charts and nutritional values might be a fine idea here.

  • Paleo diet, vegan, Low- Carb, Dukan Ultra low fat, Atkins, HCG, Zone diets.
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Plant-based food
  • Well balanced food habits
  • Nutritional values- Carbohydrates, Fats, protein, Minerals, Fibers, Water, Vitamins.
  • Nutrition types- Autotrophic mode, Heterotrophic mode.
  • Discuss the food groups- fruit, vegetables, Grains, Protein, and dairy foods.

Fitness and Yoga “writes for us.”

Almost everyone will dream of staying fit. Help our readers to reach their dream by giving your blogs on,

  • Fitness body types- Hourglass, pear, inverted, rectangle.
  • Exercise plans, physical activities
  • Cycling, vigorous activities pros and cons
  • Aerobics
  • Routine workout plans
  • Yoga- meditation, healing, peace, self-satisfaction about ourselves.
  • Flexibility and balancing.
  • Curing back pain, and arthritis, help in losing weight.
  • Stress relief.

News and Trends ” write for us.”

Let our readers stay updated with current news. Suggestions are,

  • Recent trending in fashion, beauty, health, Diet, and Lifestyle is like every category.
  • Trending – depending on the locality. City/ Nation.
  • Trending in the year.

Lifestyle “writes for us.”

Lifestyle modification is quite a big step which our readers should get a very clear knowledge in.

  • Adventure & individual life’s
  • City & rural, small town, suburban lifestyles.
  • Healthy Lifestyle, social activities, risky behaviors.
  • Balancing the needs and survival.

Hot Topics ” write for us.”

Give our readers the hot topics to enjoy.

  • Ever goes on viral comes here.
  • Earns the interest of the public in different social media

CBD ” write for us.”

Let our readers know more information about CBD by giving articles on,

  • Types- full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolates.
  • Benefits for health
  • Anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects.
  • Memory loss.

Dental “write for us.”

Meeting the dentist is a nightmare for many. Make our readers get comfortable by knowing what they are going to be faced with within a Dental chair.

  • Preoperative preparation.
  • How to cope with your dental treatments?
  • The necessity of Dental awareness

Not only the above types of articles, if you have knowledge in what we didn’t even think of in these categories, also most welcome.

We don’t want to limit your creativity!!!

At the same time, it should be productive in quality.

Our acceptance:

  • Article type – use neat and short paragraphs with quality content.
  • Examples- provide examples with proven results for our readers to follow.

Now let’s discuss the GUIDELINES!!!

  • Blogging experience and guest post experience are a must for HA.
  • Content should always be unique and catchy.
  • Please avoid giving plagiarized content.
  • Before publishing, Copyscape will surely be done.
  • We don’t encourage any advertisements.
  • The article length is approximately 800- 2000
  • A communicative tone of writing is advised.
  • Necessary images should be added with proper copyright credentials. Jpg file is accepted.
  • Please give the final work in Word format.
  • The writer’s details are collected along with a recent photograph for the reader’s knowledge. Little biodata is a must.
  • We insist on proofreading before submitting.

HA is eagerly waiting to embrace new and fresh writers with unique ideas.

Your benefits:

  • Getting published in HA will increase your personal readers count.
  • We post every article on social media after publishing on the website, so you get your own followers easily.

“Books don’t change people; paragraphs do, sometimes even sentences.”

-John Piper

Your writing could make a marvelous change in our readers’ lives!!!!

We always think about our reader’s points of view before publishing. So read your article as a reader, then submit it to us.

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If you are ready with what we seek, then send us the title of your blog first.

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Publishing rights of HA:

We do certain things to make sure the article meets our eligibility and quality expectations.

  • HA has the upper hand in editing your content because of the responsibility of the website.
  • Currently, no pay is given to guest bloggers.
  • Irrelevant links and promotions will be removed before publishing.

Writers are always honored in HA!!!!

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